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The science, philosophy and religion of Modern Spiritualism teaches that there is no death, but life everlasting. Mediumship and spiritual healing are the work of Spiritualist Mediums - clairvoyants and clairaudients who channel Spirit Readings, psychic readings and Spirit Guides for spiritual seekers who believe in Life After Death.



Our church services, classes and events are held at 719 Main Street, Westbrook at the Unitarian Universalist Church.


Sunday Services are at 6:30pm

Friday Class at 7:30pm.


Closed on some Holidays so call:

President: Graham Connolly

Telephone: 207-655-6673




Special Events

June 8th STATE CONVENTION at Temple Heights Camp, Northport 

No Service at Portland Church



Sunday Schedule

Class Schedule

Map to Reach

Declaration of Principles

Healing Prayer

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